Your Wellness Center franchise

Franchising is a formula that allows you to become an entrepreneur using the know-how and visibility of an already established brand. A job in franchise is one of the most solid opportunities for the development of its own point of sale.

Latest technology

to satisfy the most demanding customers

Over the years, the BEA Group specializes in the design and implementation of innovative technologies to HIGHT scientific value, which have given rise to unusual commercial proposals in the health beauty industry, contributing to the development of new markets and aiming at continuous improvement of the offer.

Adhering to the offer franchise BEA will have multiple benefits and business opportunities, supported by a viable reality, experienced and supportive.

For BEA values ​​have the distinction because the values can not be imitated.

BEA assist the network of franchised stores with a support activity in all sectors where you can create economies of scale and effective and proper communications.

In particular regularly it provides affiliate centers the necessary supports for advertising campaigns, for “direct market” activities organizes training courses for sales staff and technical staff, provides all the consumables required for
ensuring treatment, supported by cutting-edge technology and the latest generation.

The offer to open a store or multiple stores franchised My BEAutiful Center offers:

  • an established brand of a company that operates in the field of professional;
  • the exclusive zone;
  • a simple and innovative methodology;
  • the architectural development of the premises;
  • training (sales, methodology, management) for staff and the coaching opening;
  • the study and the realization of the executive for advertising;
  • professional development that will achieve ambitious goals.

All the advantages of a BEA CENTER

The franchise BEA offers the undeniable advantage of having a faster growth compared to a conventional development of a spa. And has at the same time the draft to provide customers with its professionalism and its technology for the establishment of health centers in franchising in “zero risk.” We offer the possibility of financing the investment total. Choose a franchise then provides the entrepreneur to get a “turnkey” project tested and secure. Contain the necessary costs and avoid having to resort to a wide variety of professionals, with the additional burden of having to coordinate.


  • Machinery and basic technical and design furniture based on a unique concept and exclusive
  • Assistance and update to the entrepreneur and staff
  • Web communication management and corporate identity
  • Support in the design of furniture and renovation of the finalization of the local search
  • Startup and much more…

More types for all needs

Five different possibilities to choose
the best type of franchise best suits your needs, different according to the different economic availability of space and integration with the various services offered.

  •  Large Project
  • Medium Project
  • Small Project
  • Spa Project
  • Corner Project
  • Custom Projects


With BEA to open a Wellness Center is not required no experience
in the specific sector. Entrusting to an already established brand will receive assistance and consultancy from design to management of your spa, putting available experience and specific know-how acquired and consolidated over time.

These formulas are aimed at three types of investors:

  • those who want to open a business “from scratch” and wants to manage it directly
  • those who choose to invest in a business idea, and it delegates management
  • those who have already started a business and want to expand it safely

Description of the Brand and Concept

My BEAutiful Center “comes from the idea of ​​making you feel “right” wellness center that is addressed in this way suggests that this center will become” my center “well-being, from what the customer loyalty movement. The choice of English, International, allows you to communicate this message more widely.

Part of the logo emphasizes the first three letters of the word BEAutiful, vaguely recall a woman’s name and even the concept of bliss associated with a wellness center and are easily storable, becoming a sort of “extract” of the brand, “where you go? I go to the BEA!

The identifying image is a stylized lotus flower, which attracts not only the idea of ​​flower (restrictive and would alienate the male customers always growing) but leaf and nature in general, however, associated with the idea of ​​beauty in cultures are very different.

Colors and materials

The choice of hot-dove is at the same time elegant and reassuring neutral background (the soft sand under your feet, the earth-mother who nourishes and does not betray). In addition, the light powder taupe shades, slightly pinkish, recall the color of the skin well and are the optimal background for all the pictures related to aesthetics where the component skin-body – the face is often relevant.

Other colors chosen are: an orange-hot and dry brick reminiscent of the color of the flame, attracts the eye, warm and reassuring, offering the pretext to engage a number of other colors and materials, and then the green teal water which is the complementary color of the previous and complete in its content of fresh-cold vibrations that recall the freshness, transparency and purity of water.

A range of versatile colors and materials chosen for the finishes, in total agreement, the communicative meaning a psychological level is the most suitable to put at ease the people who go to a spa: accommodated in a reassuring atmosphere , professional and exclusive, it will be prepared to treatments in a warm (flame) to cleanse the body and mind (water-treatments, showers etc …) in total comfort.


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